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In case of obstetric emergencies, please call (08) 9438 9700 – St John of God Murdoch Hospital Delivery Suite.

Dr Colin Blair
Perth Obstetrician with 30 years’ experience.

Thank you for considering Dr Colin Blair as your obstetrician and for sharing the beginning of a new life with him. He and his team are here to help you through your pregnancy.

Your First Appointment

We like to see you within the first three months of pregnancy if possible, but don’t worry if your pregnancy is more advanced than that.

Antenatal Care

Dr Blair and his team will see you approximately twice in the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy, and then more often as you get closer to delivery time, usually weekly in the last month.

The Birth

By now you would have seen your baby in scans but probably not been able to see your toes for a while. When the big day finally arrives, Dr Blair and his team will be there.

After Delivery

Our treatment includes a check-up for you when your baby is six weeks old. We can discuss any questions you may have, any contraception you need and help make your life as a new parent as easy as possible.


From that exciting time you first see the positive result, we are here to help you through your pregnancy. At all stages Dr Blair and his highly skilled team are committed to providing the professional expertise, guidance and support to make your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

We look after all aspects of pregnancy from initial consultation and testing, to every kind of delivery (natural to surgical), right through to follow up care after the birth.


Making sure both baby and mother are healthy.


Ensuring the big day goes as smoothly as possible, with many services available

After Delivery Care

Our treatment continues after birth, ensuring both mother and baby are happy and healthy.






Dr Colin Blair is a graduate of the University of Western Australia (MBBS) and has been practicing medicine for 30 years. This experience includes six years of full time specialty training in obstetrics and gynaecology earning him the specialty degree of a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG).

Dr Blair is supported by a dedicated and experienced team who all contribute to looking after you. This team includes a practice manager, secretaries and midwives all with over 30 years of experience each, and who are dedicated to providing outstanding care and support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


"Dear Dr Blair & team, words can’t describe how grateful we are for all your support on our journey to become parents. We are completely in love with our beautiful boy Noah 💙" - mum and dad, Justin and Claire 💭

You're most welcome, Justin and Claire! We appreciate your testimonial, and it was our pleasure to have been able to assist you in your pregnancy and delivery journey 👶🏻🍼

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"We wanted to say thank you again to Colin and the team, for looking after us during our pregnancy and ensuring the safe arrival of miss Harley. Here’s a photo of our little may the fourth bub." - mum, Aimee 💭

Thank you for your lovely testimonial, Aimee!

We wonder what little Miss Harley was dreaming must have something to do with this adorable outfit that mum and dad have put together!

We are also slightly obsessed with the Yoda beanie 🙊

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Just last month, Dr Blair had a 10-deliveries-in-ONE-day kind of day! 💥

Welcome to this beautiful world baby...
👶🏻 Koby
👶🏻 Hunter
👶🏻 Harry
👶🏻 Ervin
👶🏻 Ruby
👶🏻 Aresh
👶🏻 Elena
👶🏻 Orlando
👶🏻 Kiara
👶🏻 Willa

What a momentous day for the Dr Blair team 💙

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This is probably the best happy-cry face we've seen in a while! What's a first birthday without a bit of a tantrum right? 🤣👶🏻🍼

"Thank you so much for Tyler's birthday card, we can't believe he is 1 already. It only feels like yesterday we were holding him in our arms for the first time 😍 Not a day goes by we don't think about how lucky we are to have such a beautiful healthy baby boy and how lucky we were to have you and your team to be a part of our journey. You made the whole experience of pregnancy and giving birth an amazing experience, that's why we are back for baby #2 😁." - mum, Nicole 💭

Thank you, mum and dad (Nicole and Christian), for sharing this adorable shot of Tyler from his first birthday celebrations! 🎂🍼

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Preparing a baby's nursery is a major factor in nesting. If you are expecting, you're likely to consider things like crib sheets, changing table options, and baby-appropriate wall hangings - and all of these decisions hinge on one question...

What's your nursery theme? 👶🏻🍼

Well, we've found the perfect article for you - the link is available on our latest FB post!

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"Thank you Dr Blair for bringing our three boys safely into this world. We are forever grateful 💗. Thomas (8 yrs old), Hudson (6 yrs old) and William (3 yrs old)." - mum, Sabrina 💭

It truly makes our day when we receive beautiful testimonials and snaps like this 🤩📸

Thank you, mum of 3 boys, Sabrina! 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻

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Let's talk about...MASTITIS 🍼

What is mastitis? Mastitis occurs when there is a blockage of milk in the milk duct. Some milk may leak out of the duct into the surrounding tissues causing inflammation and infection.

It is a common but preventable breastfeeding problem 😌

Signs & Symptoms
↦ The breast has a red, painful area
↦ An aching flu-like feeling such as a fever, feeling shivery and generally unwell

Treatment of Mastitis
🍼 Drain the breast frequently. Attach your baby to the affected side first.
🍼 You may need antibiotics for 10 to 14 days.
🍼 Keep the breast drained by expressing the affected breast after each feed.
🍼 Cool gel packs from the refrigerator (not freezer) or cool cloths can relieve discomfort and pain.
🍼 Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen will reduce inflammation and pain.
🍼 Paracetamol may be taken to ease discomfort.
🍼 It is important to get extra rest. You may need household help to achieve this.
🍼 If it is too painful to feed, express your milk using a hospital-grade electric pump if possible.
🍼 Seek advice from a lactation consultant to determine a cause and prevent a reoccurrence.

To find out more about mastitis and where to get help, please visit

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"Dear Dr Blair and Staff, thank you so much for the lovely birthday card you’ve sent to Céleste for her first birthday. Can you believe she turned one already? We can’t wait for you to see her again 🥰 love from us" - mum, Alessandra 💭

Thank you, Alessandra, for sharing this beautiful photo of your little family with us 💙

We hope baby Céleste had the BEST first birthday 🎂👶🏻

We are excited to see you guys again! Maybe for baby #2 😉🍼

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