Thank you for considering Dr Colin Blair as your obstetrician and for sharing the beginning of a special new life.

From that exciting time you first see the positive result, we are here to help you through your pregnancy. At all stages Dr Blair and his highly skilled team are committed to providing the professional expertise, guidance and support to make your experience as stress-free as possible and enjoyable.

We look after all aspects of pregnancy from initial consultation and testing, to every kind of delivery (natural to surgical), right through to follow up care after the birth.

Please note that while we very happily welcome your partner’s involvement through the pregnancy and birth, we do not accept the involvement of a Doula (an independent pregnancy and birth advisor) as we find a direct relationship with the parents to be more effective and appropriate.

As a patient you will receive a Dr Blair Care Kit containing clear information about what is involved, some handy forms, and the steps we go through to help you.


In this appointment we undertake tests to confirm your pregnancy and estimate the birth date which includes undertaking an ultrasound scan and possibly a blood test. At this first consultation we also record all your vital statistics and health, note hereditary factors and medical history, consider any needs particular to you and your partner, and discuss what to expect when expecting.


At these appointments we monitor you and your baby’s (or babies’) health and progress by checking your blood pressure and weight, general health and wellbeing, and discussing any concerns or queries you may have. We will also continue to address your birth plan if you have one in mind.


The big day is approaching! By now you would have seen your baby in scans but probably not been able to see your toes for a while.
The experienced staff will help advise you about whether/when to come to hospital. They will assess you when you arrive and notify Dr Blair of your admission.


Dr Blair will attend to you and your baby as you are admitted into your hospital room. Everything will be taken care of as you recover.


Our treatment includes a check-up for you when your baby is six weeks old. We can discuss any questions you may have, any contraception you may require, and possibly undertake a Pap Smear (now called a CST).


All forms are included in your Dr Blair Care Kit, however should you need an additional copy, they can be found here: