After Delivery Care

Your little one (or two) has entered the world!

Dr Blair will attend to you and your baby as you are admitted into your hospital room, and he will see you regularly through your stay.

Straight after you have given birth there are some immediate steps taken:

  • You are given an injection of Oxytocin to prevent unacceptable blood loss. Careful research has shown the importance of this life saving treatment.
  • Your baby will be given an injection of Vitamin K as a deficiency of this vitamin can cause bleeding. Oral Vitamin K is an option that can be discussed with Dr Blair.
  • A recommended vaccination for Hepatitis B will be offered for your baby at delivery.

Dr Blair will usually organize a Paediatrician (Doctor for babies) to review your baby after delivery, and before you leave hospital. A Paediatrician is the best person to detect any problems and to undertake ongoing management for your child. He or she will charge a fee, which usually has a minimal gap. Then it’s time for more cuddles and for helping your baby to breastfeed. Some babies take to breastfeeding immediately, but it can be more difficult for others, and for you to adjust. You will have experienced lactation consultants to help you with this, and with how to look after your baby, before you go home.

The health and wellbeing of you and your baby is most important to us at all times, and we have no time limit on your stay in hospital. Sometimes there can be some post birth complications, however we truly trust that this will be a special time for you and we are committed to being there for you whenever needed.


This appointment is a check-up for you when your baby is six weeks old. We can discuss any questions you may have, any contraception you require, and possibly undertake a Pap smear (now called a CST).

Dr Blair would also love to have a photograph of you and your baby as a keepsake for the photo gallery.